Do You Currently Have an NFIP Policy?

If you already have an NFIP/FEMA flood insurance policy you need a Flood Nerd now. Unfortunately, we see many NFIP policies written by other agents that don’t know how to take advantage of the program. 85% are generalists that specialize in homeowners and auto policies. Their lack of knowledge can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you currently have an NFIP/FEMA policy you know how expensive premiums are getting – and how hard it is to pay your flood insurance renewal.

Stop stressing over flood insurance costs and the difficulty of finding coverage. Let a Flood Nerd do the legwork for you. 

By working with the flood insurance agency that only deals with flood insurance, your chance of overpaying for flood insurance coverage is less. We can’t help with cheap car insurance, but we are the cheap flood insurance shoppers. 


Do You Currently Have Private Flood Insurance?

Just because your policy is written by a private flood insurance company doesn’t mean it is cheaper than anything else out there.

The only way to truly see if you are getting a good premium is to let a Flood Nerd shop your flood insurance. The quote is free and all you have to lose is a high flood insurance premium.

Lloyds of London Flood insurance policies usually are less than NFIP policies, but sometimes a savvy Flood Nerd can get the government policy for less.

Homeowners Love Flood Nerds

Are you looking to buy a new home and just discovered it requires flood insurance? Is your homeowner’s insurance agent giving you a ridiculous price for flood insurance?

Don’t panic! The Flood Nerds help make your dream home a reality. 

The Better Flood Insurance Agency is the flood insurance agency that shops for options in your area.

The Flood Nerds will get you the good flood insurance quote. The quote is free. There’s no strings attached.


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Yes! I Need to Save Money on Flood Insurance

Loan Officers, Mortgage Companies, and Realtors Love the Flood Nerds

Flood Nerds understand the requirements for flood insurance for federally backed or insured loans. We know what you’re looking for! That’s why we make sure you have everything you need the first time around. 

Flood Nerds help close loans on time.

The Flood Nerds make certain that flood insurance isn’t going to delay your closing. Oftentimes, we help close the loan earlier than expected because we get cheap flood insurance fast.

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Private Flood Insurance versus the NFIP

Most people don’t realize there is a healthy private market for flood insurance. That’s because the federal government dominated the market for years. When you have no competition, you have no incentive to control costs.

When the government finally allowed competition, many of the big insurance companies like Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm started taking the NFIP policy and slapping their logo on it.

That’s not private insurance! And that’s not how to save money on flood insurance either!

The Flood Nerds know the REAL private flood insurance market. We know over 40 companies where we can shop to get you the good coverage and a good rate. We’ll even shop your policy through the Lloyds of London syndicates. 

Then we compare those costs with the cost of the NFIP policy.  

Private flood insurance policies can save you 20-50% over the government option.

It seems crazy that private flood insurance is cheaper, but that’s because most private flood insurance company have different underwriting practices, technology, and appetite for covering a property’s risk.

Do you have the time and energy to spend shopping for your flood coverage with every available insurance company? Of course not, unless you are a Flood Nerd. 

Flood Nerds love to shop for flood insurance. We get an adrenaline rush and an endorphin high when we find cheap flood insurance and better flood insurance coverage for our clients. 

Read more about the differences between the NFIP and Private Insurance

Why You Need Flood Insurance

You don’t wait until the house is on fire to buy fire insurance. Even if your lender doesn’t require you to have flood insurance, you may still need it.

Your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover damage from rising water. That’s the costliest damage to repair. The average damage from a flood is $35,000. 

One uncovered flood can wipe you out financially. It’s why so many houses are abandoned and foreclosed upon after a major flood.

Don’t Wait Until You See Water in Your Backyard To Buy Flood Insurance – It’s Too Late

Scary flooding

Even if you have had a private flood policy for a while, it’s free to have a Flood Nerd shop for better coverage or a better price. You’ve literally got nothing to lose but a high premium!

You need flood insurance, but you need to protect your pocketbook as well. No matter where you live, the Flood Nerds are here. They know your area and they know how to save money on flood insurance, even if you live in a high-risk area.

I’ve read enough. Just get me a Flood Nerd now

Meet a Real Flood Nerd

Flood Maps

I’m Robert Murphy, founder of Better Flood Insurance and the head Flood Nerd.

I am going to share with you the secret to getting a good price on your flood insurance.

Let a Flood Nerd do your shopping for free. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had coverage through the NFIP for years and are sick of the premiums or are buying a house and the lender wants flood insurance before you can close. 

The Flood Nerds can help.

Fill out the Request for a Quote and we will start shopping right away.

I believe you should know your options when it comes to flood coverage so you can make a good decision.  And you should feel confident you are getting a good price. 

That’s why we Flood Nerds makes this pledge.

  • I promise to get my customer good coverage.

  • I promise to find it at a good price.

  • I will make getting flood insurance a process that’s easy, fun, and stress-free as I can.

When you ask a Flood Nerd to shop your coverage we will look options. Flood Nerds love to review your property and history then get you a solution that could fit your needs.

My love for saving people money on flood insurance is what makes Better Flood Insurance the best flood insurance agency you will find, period.