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We help people that have to buy flood insurance policies, and we are nationwide, so we see it all.

By granting the Flood Nerds at Better Flood Insurance the privilege of looking at your property, you can rest assured that we will exhaust ourselves by shopping for every option we can find. 

Our guarantee is that you will get the best flood insurance cost and coverage we find for your property. 

Our flood insurance shopping includes many (and there are many) of the Lloyds of London Flood insurance policies and other private flood insurance options. 

We also look at the government option to ensure that if your property qualifies for government-subsidized flood insurance, we will recommend the NFIP policy. 

Currently, have the NFIP policy?

If you already have an NFIP/FEMA flood insurance policy, send it to us.

We see a lot of NFIP policies that are written by other agents. 85% are not taking full advantage of the program. 

The majority of insurance agents are generalist specializing in homeowners and auto policies. 

By allowing generalists to get your flood coverage it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Would you go to a skin doctor to deal with your heart issues?

Working with a flood insurance agency that specializes will assure you that you are not overpaying for the coverage. 

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Lenders, Loan Officers, Mortgage Companies, Realtors, and Clients love us.

We make their job easy because we understand all the requirements they have to check off when reviewing a flood insurance policy for the loan. 

We help loans close on time.

Because of our specialty, the Flood Nerds make certain that flood insurance isn’t going to cause a delay in your closing. Often times, we help our clients close loan earlier than expected. 

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Hello, I’m Robert Murphy, Founder of Better Flood Insurance and the patriarch FLOOD NERD.

I am going to share with you how to get the best price on your flood insurance.

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It’s that simple.

You might be looking to buy a new home.

Your local agent is giving you a ridiculous cost of flood insurance.

Or you might have had a flood insurance policy for many years, and it just keeps going up.

We are the flood insurance agency that is going to shop for all the options in your area.

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Our goal is to help you be better informed to make the best flood insurance decision you can. 

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Every flood nerd has these four pledges.

  • We must get you the best coverage we can.

  • We must be the best flood insurance cost.

  • We must make the process easy and fun for you.

  • We believe you need to get this information.

Please don’t wait until it is too late. 

We get a bunch of calls when people see water in your backyard unfortunately we can’t help at that point.

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Currently, I have an NFIP Policy

If you currently have a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP/FEMA) policy.

You know how expensive premiums are getting – and how hard it is to pay your flood insurance renewal.

Better Flood Insurance is the Best flood insurance agency you will find, period.

We’ve always taken pride in being more than just a flood insurance agency.

We are Flood Insurance Nerds.

We make buying a new home that needs flood insurance possibilities.

Start by filling out our discovery form  or, sometimes we will call you for a free consultation that takes less than 5 minutes.

During this phone call, we will be able to help you with ideas to control your flood insurance cost for the future and secure coverage that will be there when you need it.

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Residential flood insurance, commercial flood insurance, Condo flood insurance, RCBAP, Master flood policies, excess flood insurance.

Better Flood Insurance is an independent flood Insurance agency that specializes in flood insurance ONLY.

We know all the ins and outs of flood insurance.

We know what your lender will require and how to make sure your loan closing happens on your time and will not delay due to an incompetent agent.


Why Private Flood Insurance VS NFIP?

We know how to navigate the National Flood Insurance Program and are experts in this government’s complicated policy.

We shop all flood insurance options.

By shopping both the NFIP and the private flood insurance we will see the true cost of flood insurance for your property.

Unless you shop around for flood insurance you would never know if you have the best price and coverage. With us, you will know.

I already have a private flood insurance policy.

If you have had a private flood policy for a while it would be good to see if you can get coverage for less with one of the many options out there.

Your property needs to be as protected in the event of flooding but your pocketbook should be equally considered.

A flood Insurance expert will save you a lot of time and money.

It can be difficult to understand the differences between private flood insurance, Lloyds of London flood insurance, NFIP, FEMA, and a few others.

Flood Nerds just need to review your property and the history then we will come back with a solution that best fits your needs.

Now you have a clear vision of the flood insurance options, you won’t have to question if you are getting the best price because you will be through us.

Here is a link if you want to find out more about the differences of NFIP vs Private

Cost of flood insurance.

The private flood insurance market is growing and there is more than just one private flood insurance company.

We have more than a handful of prequalified private flood insurance companies and are called upon as to what customers want, we feel the privilege to help influence develop new products that will get you better coverage.

Any option we find for you will offer the best coverage and fair price.

Private flood insurance policies tend to be 20-50% savings over the government option.

How can private flood insurance be so much cheaper?

Every private flood insurance company has different underwriting practices, technology, and appetite for covering a property’s risk.

These companies are using advanced flood zone risk maps, computer modeling technology so their guestimate of your properties real risk is much better than the one our government uses. 

When we get a good price for flood insurance we call this the “fair market” flood insurance premiums.

We make buying flood simple.

Let us help you with your flood insurance requirements.

We will help you truly understand when and why flood insurance is required by your lender. 

Know your true risk of flooding.

We offer options that work for your property and save money on flood insurance. What to read more about  Private Flood Insurance and Lloyds of London Flood Insurance click on the linked text. 

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We will help you control the cost of flood insurance moving forward. 

We have a Flood Nerd waiting to help you.

Our pledge to find you better flood insurance coverage, save you money and to make this subject a little fun.


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Better ways to reduce your flood insurance cost

  1. Start with a google search for “Lloyds of London Flood insurance”

  2. Do a google search for “Private flood insurance”

  3. Work with a flood insurance expert search “Flood Nerd”

  4. If your home a new flood map you if you buy a policy within 9 months of the map change you will get a heavily subsidized policy with the NFIP.

  5. If you are buying a home that needs flood insurance ask to see the seller Declaration page they might be getting a subsidized policy and a flood insurance expert can get you that same rate.

  6. Sometimes an elevation certificate can help.

  7. Sometimes adding flood vents can help.

  8. Flood Nerds can help you come up with strategies for your future

How to get cheaper flood insurance with the private flood insurance market.

Just because your policy is with the private market flood insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cheaper than anything else out there.

The only way to truly see if you are getting the best premium is to have an expert shop your flood insurance.

Lloyds of London Flood insurance policies usually are cheaper than the NFIP but sometimes if you are working with a savvy flood nerd we can get the government policy for less.

Sometimes making an adjustment to your property can make your flood insurance cheaper with the NFIP  talk to a flood nerd about your options.

  1. Elevating machinery or equipment above the base flood elevation (BFE).
    BFE is how high the government says the floodwaters will go in the event of flooding.
    When these items are below the BFE, you might be getting surcharged on your flood insurance premium.

  2. If your home is elevated either over a garage, enclosure, or crawlspace. You might want to consider adding flood vents. These will allow us to take the lowest flood out of the flood insurance rating consideration. The trick to adding vents is that the square inches of the hole need to be equal to or ideally greater than the square feet of the area you are venting.  There are engineered flood vents that can be smaller openings but let more water pass under your living area.

  3. Although this doesn’t affect flood insurance rates. You should consider flood damage-resistant materials, elevating machinery, and other techniques that can keep your home safer.

  4. In extreme cases, you might want to reconsider the location of your property. Elevating your building, in some cases, you might be able to get access to government grants. If your home can’t be elevated then check out this link to see if this is an option for you.

  5. Elevating your home 3 feet above the BFE can save up to sixty percent or more on your annual flood insurance premium. If you are 1 foot above the BFE it would save thirty percent. Here is a great resource to see if this option would work for you.

  6. Sometimes your community can do some FEMA flood mitigation that will allow you to get community discounts. See if your community has discounts here.

Even though flood insurance can sometimes be expensive not having any coverage is far too risky. The average damage that is caused by a flood can be greater then $35,000.

I only know two people in my circle of friends that have that kind of cash. Don’t let your financial future be washed away in the next flood. Get covered to stay safe. Even areas that are considered low risk are flooding.

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