We are an expert in flood insurance and “Flood Nerds”. 

If you have flood coverage, you already know how expensive NFIP / FEMA’s prices can be – and how hard it is to pay your flood insurance renewal. We make buying a new home in a flood zone a possibility. Home flood insurance, commercial flood insurance, Condo flood insurance, RCBAP, Master flood policies, excess flood insurance. We are here to do all the shopping for you.

Better Flood Insurance is an independent insurance agency that specializes in flood insurance ONLY. We know all the In’s and outs of flood insurance. We understand private flood insurance vs NFIP,  and how to navigate the National Flood Insurance Program. Let us help you with your flood insurance requirements and help you truly understand when flood insurance is required by your lender and when it is not, know your true risk of flooding and offer options that work for your property and save money on flood insurance.   

We will help you control the cost of flood insurance.  Try out the flood insurance calculator (above), then let us get your flood insurance quotes. We have a prequalified private flood insurance companies list. There are more options out there than you may think. Our pledge to find you better flood insurance coverage.