1. Is flood zone AE Bad?

    Flood Zones: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home When it comes to buying a new home, the location is one of the most important factors. It's not just about finding a neighborhood you want to live in—it's also about making sure that your home is located in an area safe from crime, are the local schools clean and safe, is the home prone to wild fires or other natural disasters such as flood…Read More

  2. How to get a flood insurance quote

    We all know that flood insurance is important, but with so many options out there, how do you find the best quote? The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has had a monopoly on the market for years. However, private flood insurance companies have been slowly entering the industry and offering quote-based policies that save many people money. You, too, can be one of them. This is great news for…Read More

  3. One Question Every Homebuyer Should Ask But Never Does

    Buyers have so many questions about prospective homes. What school do the kids attend? How many bedrooms and what’s the square footage? When were mechanical systems like heating and air conditioning last updated? Sellers and seller’s agents provide answers. And federal and state laws require sellers to answer some questions that might not be asked.  For example, federal law requires sellers t…Read More

  4. How much should flood insurance cost?

    Wondering About the Average Cost of Insurance? As flood experts, everyone asks us “how much should flood insurance cost?” The Flood Nerds™ at Better Flood think you should pay as little as possible for good coverage. But calculating the cost of flood insurance isn’t easy. Two identical homes with identical contents can have two different premiums. That’s because flood insurance costs var…Read More

  5. Affordable flood insurance

    How can I get Affordable flood Insurance? There is a belief that flood insurance is expensive, and the news loves to report that flood insurance rates are going through the roof. As a Flood Nerd who only works in flood insurance nationwide, I see, quote, and shop many options for flood insurance the belief that flood insurance is expensive is true for some however for most properties it is possibl…Read More

  6. How to Avoid Paying High Flood Insurance Premiums.

    3 obstacles that divert your ability to save money on flood insurance. First is working with an agent that doesn’t understand flood insurance, has less than 700 flood insurance policies, and only shops for the NFIP option. For this reason, we do not think your auto or homeowners insurance agent will be a good option for you or be able to do right by you with your flood coverage. And this could e…Read More

  7. Why aren’t property owners getting private flood insurance to protect their investments? 

    For some reason, the client's adaptation to saving money by getting a private flood insurance policy is still very low in the United States. Especially in the coastal communities with less than ten percent of homeowners buying coverage, each area accosts the nation with lower percentages than ten. A real example is the recent flooding in Kentucky, which will be an economic loss of one billion. You…Read More

  8. Is private flood insurance better than FEMA?

    Is private flood insurance better than NFIP / FEMA, aka the government option?   If you are wondering if private flood is better than FEMA flood insurance and are interested in a comparison, you have come to the right spot. As a Flood Nerd™, we have some ideas of which is better, depending on the circumstance or preference. For most of our clients, however, it comes down to price. The NFIP/…Read More

  9. Can you cancel your flood insurance and get a refund check?

    Can I cancel my flood insurance and get a refund check? FEMA says that canceling flood insurance coverage can be terminated at any time. Still, they make it really hard to do so because of the federal law that requires flood insurance for any property with a mortgage.  The NFIP has 14 “reasons” that they allow property owners to cancel an active flood policy.  The building is sold or removed…Read More

  10. Can you get flood insurance on a rental property?

    Yes, you can get flood insurance on a rental property? Your step-by-step guide and plan to getting flood insurance on a rental property. As a landlord, ensuring you have the correct insurance to cover your asset and investment is important. However, many landlords forgo buying flood insurance on their rental property, which hurts their financial future, and don't make this same grave mistake. One…Read More