1. How to Explain RCBAP Flood Insurance to Your Condo Association

    Quick Guide to RCBAP, Master Condo Flood insurance policy, and personal unit owners flood policies. RCBAP vs Master Condo Flood Policy vs a Personal unit flood policy. Flood Insurance coverage for a Condo Association is one of the most misunderstood categories of Flood Coverage and many agents don’t truly understand it enough to help you explain it to your community. Check out this quick guide t…Read More

  2. Diologue with a client in KY on controlling the cost of Flood Insurance

    Hi Pamela thanks for reaching out, Sorry we didn't get to you on Friday. let's try to align on Monday. You can call the office 1-866-990-7482. I have three ideas I want to discuss. Idea 1 - Get an Elevation Certificate 1) you can get a surveyor out to give you an Elevation certificate. I can order it for you or you can google search for your area and elevation certificate. If I order for you I am…Read More

  3. the flood insurance agency

    Why Better Flood Insurance is the Best Flood Insurance Agency

    The price tag of flood damage in the United States hit an astounding $8.4 billion in 2011. 2016 saw the most floods in the United States on record. While you may think flood insurance isn't all that important, it is absolutely crucial. If you live somewhere where it rains, you are susceptible to floods. Flooding can also occur from leaky pipes and other plumbing issues. However, this is not consid…Read More

  4. private flood insurance

    5 Secrets the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Private Flood Insurance

    America weathers a lot of rain. Some years see up to 58 feet. The rainy season for the Midwest folds right into hurricane season and then California takes over (think: El Nino). As there's no real dry season that spans America, there's no time off for flood remediation. With a $30 billion and growing debt, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) isn't equipped to handle the constant threat of …Read More

  5. commercial flood insurance

    A 5-Step Commercial Flood Insurance Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

    In 2017, the extensive flooding in Houston caused by Hurrican Harvey cost $125 billion in damage. More than 40% of the business that was flooded will never recover and close their business and dreams. As the sea-level rises with climate change, flooding is a major risk for businesses. If you own a business, a flood can damage your infrastructure, your inventory, and your ability to operate in an i…Read More

  6. Dialogue with Flood Nerd about Base Flood Elevation / BFE

    Hey, Robert, I am trying to get a BFE for my property, we spoke about it before can you tell me what my BFE is? Hi Dewitt thanks for reaching out sorry we didn't get a chance to connect. My colleague Claudia told me you were looking to get the BFE for the property you have in Arvada. if you are looking at other properties they might have slightly different levels. 11025 W 68TH AVE ARVADA, CO 8000…Read More

  7. How You Can Take Control of the Rising Cost of Flood Insurance

    In June 2008, 11 million people were affected by flooding across the Midwest. That number represents the most people ever affected by a natural disaster in US history. Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the US. And they're becoming more frequent than ever before. With this increased risk, it's time for homeowners to seriously consider whether the costs of flood insurance outwe…Read More

  8. How to Prepare for Your NFIP Flood Premium Shock

    As flood waters enter a home, ruin begins. Wood framing sucks up water like a ShamWow. Outlets underwater are now useless. If your area has clay soil like many in the south, it absorbs water. Clay's uneven nature will break up the foundation. Embedded pipes rupture and window and door frames sag and break. Most flooring and furniture fill with contamination from sewage in the waters. Non-porous fl…Read More

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Flood Insurance

    It's been a year since hurricane Harvey sat, defying the odds, over Houston, TX for four full days. More than 50 inches of rain in some areas sent flooding waters in an area the size of New Jersey. The weight of the water sank the 4th largest city into the earth's crust 2 centimeters. As with any natural disaster, the toll it takes is enormous after the storm passes. Only 20% of the area's homeown…Read More

  10. NFIP VS. Private Flood Insurance (Diologue with a client)

    Robert, thanks for getting back to us so quickly, we are still we are still waiting for other quotes but can you tell me what makes these costs so low? Jason great question, the short answer is this option that I found for you through my shopping of all of our many private market flood insurance options and the government or National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). He's a bit more about the flood …Read More