Hi Pamela thanks for reaching out, Sorry we didn’t get to you on Friday. let’s try to align on Monday.
You can call the office 1-866-990-7482.
I have three ideas I want to discuss.

Idea 1 – Get an Elevation Certificate

1) you can get a surveyor out to give you an Elevation certificate. I can order it for you or you can google search for your area and elevation certificate. If I order for you I am seeing the cost of $749.
I do think an Elevation Certificate would help your property with the rating. But want to see if we can get ideas on the rating. If you have a smartphone go to your lower area and ask it if Apple (hey seri what is my elevation) if Google (Hey Alexia,…).  or just type into your phone what is my current elevation.
The Base Flood Elevation is 780.1 ft this is how high the core of engineers believe the water will rise I am hoping your foundation is no less than 2ft below this number or ideally higher. Then an Elevation Certificate would benefit you.

Idea 2 – Look at Fema historical maps

Another option is to look at historical maps.
This link should take you right to your areas maps.
if that doesn’t work then try this link
 – put in your address
 – in the upper right, there is a button for “show all products”
then go to the historic product (image is below)
Look at historical maps 12/04/1979 reason we are looking for this particular date is that the Flood zone determination (FZD) says this is when the community first entered the government program.
WHAT we are trying to do by looking at these maps is find a map that shows that the area where your home (or structure) is was not in a high-risk flood zone at the time of construction, your building was built in 1980 so it is right on the line.
If we can find that the area is not in the flood zone then we might be able to grandfather for built-in compliance at the time of construction.
This could save us on premium though grandfathering the flood zone.
Try looking at these particular map numbers, I am hoping you can navigate the maps much better than I since I am not as familiar with the area. And find the map where you structure is.
Base Flood Zone Historic Maps
The first map on this list will look like this. if you can identify the general area of where your structure is – zoom in to that area
Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.30.30 AM.png
and then somewhere in the box is a number
this number is the other maps so once you locate the general location of your structure then you can zoom in and get a more detailed map number  – write it down then go back to historic product and click on that map number

Once you locate your home let me know the map and I will see if we can grandfather the flood zone.

Ideal 3 – Put in Engineered flood vents on the lowest floor
The goal here is to take the lowest flood out of the “flood insurance rating” and these vents will allow us to do that. Since you primarily live over lowest flood and use the lowest flood to do something for your business this might work.
You will need to work with your local floodplain manager as well as the installer to do this correctly and then you will need to get an Elevation Certificat to “qualify” for the discount.
I hope these get you going in the right direction and I hope we can get a better premium.
If you want to discuss further any one of these options please give us a call 1-866-990-7482
If you want us to shop let us know
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