1. Can you get flood insurance without an elevation certificate

    Can you get flood insurance without an elevation certificate? Elevation certificates were the only way that the NFIP had real data on your properties because of their archaic maps and practices. And since they were a monopoly for 50 years, they used to force policyholder’s compliance and, in particular, forced structures built after 1973 to have an elevation certificate to get flood coverage. Th…Read More

  2. can you get flood insurance if you are not in a floodplain

    Can you get flood insurance if you are not in a floodplain? One of the most misunderstood ideas about flood insurance is that you can only get flood insurance if you are in a high-risk flood zone. But you can and should consider getting flood insurance even if your lender doesn't require it. If your structure is in a high-risk flood zone, usually identified with an A, AE flood zone, or V, your len…Read More

  3. Can you get flood insurance

    Can you get flood insurance?    The answer for 99% of you is yes. We can shop for your flood insurance on your area's NFIP and the private flood insurance market. Or you can use a Flood Nerd's knowledge to do the shopping for you here. There are some acceptions specifically in COBRA or Coastal Barrier Resources flood zones. These are areas where the federal government would have liked to det…Read More

  4. How do I get a LOMA?

    Shawn Ziegaus, Rental Property Investor from Lake City, FL Just getting into my first rental. However, the flood insurance we are having to pay is a pretty hefty payment each month. I have been looking into petitioning for the removal of the requirement just solely to be able to increase monthly cash flow. If anyone has any tips on how to go through this process or the best way to increase you…Read More

  5. FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 & Fees for Flood Insurance Policies

    If you have a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you are used to paying all sorts of fees in addition to your premium. FEMA is making sweeping changes to the NFIP, but they aren’t sweeping away fees and surcharges. Fees for Flood Insurance Each policy issued by the NFIP comes with a serious case of fees. The Federal Policy Fee is set by FEMA and can chang…Read More

  6. Risk Rating 2.0 Changes to Coverage Limits

    Big changes are coming to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) with the implementation of FEMA Risk Rating 2.0. Will there be changes to the coverage limits? The answer is No and Yes. That’s because nothing is ever simple regarding flood insurance or government programs. And when you combine the two? Yowzah!  Here’s how FEMA 2.0 affects coverage limits.  New Maximum Limits The new max…Read More

  7. What Policies And Programs Does FEMA 2.0 Wash Away?

    Like floodwaters crashing down the hillside or turning a dry creek bed into a raging river, FEMA 2.0 will completely wipe away certain flood policies and programs that are a part of the National Flood Insurance Program. What does this mean for you? Well, if you aren’t affected, it means nothing (except as a taxpayer, your money might be used a little more wisely). You’re like the homeowner tha…Read More

  8. FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 – What’s Changing with National Flood Insurance and Why You Should Care

    It’s been a long time coming, but reform to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is on the way. It looks like the government is following the lead of private flood insurers and making some changes to the way they rate flood policies. That’s a good thing. The existing NFIP is broken and broke. It consistently pays out more for losses than it takes in as premiums. The Congressional Budget…Read More

  9. One Question Every Homebuyer Should Ask But Never Does

    Buyers have so many questions about prospective homes. What school do the kids attend? How many bedrooms and what’s the square footage? When were mechanical systems like heating and air conditioning last updated? Sellers and seller’s agents provide answers. And federal and state laws require sellers to answer some questions that might not be asked.  For example, federal law requires sellers t…Read More

  10. How much should flood insurance cost?

    Wondering About the Average Cost of Insurance? As flood experts, everyone asks us “how much should flood insurance cost?” The Flood Nerds™ at Better Flood think you should pay as little as possible for good coverage. But calculating the cost of flood insurance isn’t easy. Two identical homes with identical contents can have two different premiums. That’s because flood insurance costs var…Read More