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Does homeowner insurance cover flooding?

A typical Arizona homeowners policy is written through Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive, for instance, exclude flooding as something that will be covered under their homeowner’s policy.

In most cases, the only way to get flood coverage is by purchasing a stand-alone flood insurance policy. However, you should ask your homeowners agent if you can an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy to cover flooding. Don’t be too surprised if the answer is NO.

Do Need flood insurance in Arizona?

It is important to have flood insurance coverage in Arizona because your beloved state has seen is more than its fair share of flooding.

Most Homeowners who own property in Arizona have thought about flood insurance at some point, maybe before buying a home, or during the loan closing process, however many of us only think about it when a big storm is looming or we have heard on the news that there is flooding forecasted and are home may be at risk.

It is too late to buy this time.

If your home or business is in a flood zone that is considered a low flood risk area.

You may decide to forgo purchasing flood insurance coverage.

You may have even have been told by a real estate agent and some other insurance agents that you don’t need it.

Please consider the fifty years of data our government has collected around flooding in the United States

Statistically 20-percent of all flooding events across our nation every single year come in areas that are considered low risk. That’s one-fifth of all claims are in areas that are considered low risk how does this happen?

And our last few major storms we saw flooding in these low-risk areas. Many people have so much damage to their home (flooding is one of the largest claims you will likely ever have to file) and many people didn’t have flood insurance and don’t have the money to fix the damage.

The asset they thought they would have into their senior years is now costing them forty to ninety thousand to repair the damage. Postponing their financial future and some may never recover.

90 percent of all those who had flood water in their home or building after these past events…. Did not have flood insurance coverage. Many probably thought they didn’t need it or were told they didn’t. Don’t get caught to buy this lie.

Some people believe that the government will help them after a flood and this may be true, (kinda) consider that there are a few things that must align for you to get government assistance after a natural disaster (Flood).

1) the president of the united states must declare the flooding event as a state of emergency if this doesn’t happen then there won’t Federal assistance.

2) the average amount of assistance a homeowner gets after a flood when they do not have flood coverage is $5,000, the average cost of damage to one’s property after a flood is $45,000+ and that $5K you get from the government? It comes in the form of a loan. You will need to pay it back. On top of your mortgage payment. No wonder many properties are abandoned or foreclosed on after having water damage the struAZure.  

Are you willing to gamble away your financial future by forgoing flood insurance coverage?

Another thing it considers is that many of the federal maps were created in the ’70s. Think about what was going on in the ’70s and how far technology has advanced since then.

Many of our maps are out of date.

In the 20th century, the world’s population increased from 1.5 billion to 6.1 billion


Flood insurance rate maps Arizona

One more note on these low-risk flood zone maps. Many of them are over 30-years old. Arizona, in particular, has many maps that are 30+ years old.  If the area has been developed then there is likely more concrete creating a barrier for land that might have absorbed the massive downpour.

Since 1970 Arizona’s population has grown from 1.78 million to 7.23 Million that is almost twenty-five percent growth, and that many people need homes and buildings to work in. All this to say that if your Arizona home has been built during this time there is a good chance that your property could be at risk for flooding and you may not even be aware.

Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the United States.

Because of all these factors, it is really difficult for property owners to know their true risk of flooding. FEMA admits that their flood maps only give an idea for part of the risk. Our recent storms are facts that it can rain anywhere within Arizona’s borders and you should consider getting flood coverage so you are not uninsured when you need it most.

Fema flood zone maps often take years to go into effect after the terrain was actually studied, this gives the impression that on a new map that the area is “more up to date” then it really is.

The average cost for flood insurance in Arizona in these Low-risk areas is $667 per year.

So worth it to have coverage and not need it then to not have coverage and wish you had it.  

If your lender doesn’t require flood insurance for your Arizona property it DOES NOT mean you are safe from flooding.

FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and all federally backed lenders rely on these maps to assess risk, set premium and determine who is required to purchase flood insurance.

Bad information about an area’s flood risk can leave property owners under or uninsured.

Lenders should demand updated maps.

What are my flood insurance options in Arizona?

Arizona NFIP flood insurance.

There are many options available in Arizona in regards to flood insurance but they basically fall into two main categories.

The NFIP / FEMA policy

1_The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) also known as FEMA which is the Government option for flood insurance and has enjoyed a 50-monopoly on the flood insurance market.

Not private flood insurance but NFIP Resellers

If you have Nationwide flood insurance, State Farm Flood Insurance, Progressive Flood Insurance or any of the of the logos below then you are buying the NFIP flood policy that is just being resold through a government program. These companies are private companies but their flood insurance is not. Here is a list of the 70 companies that resell the NFIP policy.


Arizona’s  private flood insurance market

There are alternative to the NFIP or government insurance for Arizona and this is called private Flood Insurance Market, most notably Lloyds of London Flood insurance, however, there are other options alternative flood insurance to the NFIP available in AZ.

We shop all the options for your property in your region of Arizona to ensure you are getting the best premium. If you are ready to have us do the work for you click here.

Our shopping will include the NFIP because sometimes we find that with government subsidies you can get a much better premium on the National Flood Insurance Program.


Lloyds of London flood Insurance Market in Arizona

Arizona is fortunate to have many Lloyds of London flood insurance options. Although many of these Lloyds flood insurance companies will have you assume that theirs is the only option –  nothing could be further from the truth.

Lloyds of London has a rich history and is attributed to have invented the very first modern insurance model.

Unlike most of its competition, Lloyds of London is not really a company but rather a corporate body, this struAZure works quote well obviously since it has been around for over 330 years.

Lloyds operates under multiple financial backers that all pool their capital to spread the risk. So if you have a Lloyds policy then you have the backing of One-hundred and Twenty Billion on your side ($120,000,000,000+)

I have two blog post that takes a deep dive into Lloyds of London and what they mean to Arizona flood insurance market if you are interested links are below.



Lloyds also insures the world for flooding meaning they cover flooding events in India, Australia as well as much of Europe, Africa, China, and on and on.

You see the “game” of insurance is to spread your risk all over the work to diversify this allows Lloyds of London Flood insurance to prediAZ the losses with reasonable accuracy by the law of averages.  Since Lloyds is one of the few global insurers they can easily do this.

My joke here is that Lloyds is banking on Gods promise that he won’t flood the entire world again, …..so they won’t have to pay out the whole worlds flood claim.

How much does flood insurance cost in Arizona

There are many factors that go into getting the Cost of flood insurance for Arizona. If your home is located in what is considered low-to-moderate risk.

Arizona low-to Moderate Risk rate and cost.

(This is Flood Zone X) which is not a lender required flood zone.

This is usually identified as an X-flood zone then we would suggest the government Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) which is a subsidized policy and has set flood insurance coverage limits (see grid below)

Here a link if you want to really dig into this one. Be ready for an eye chart because every option is public record and should be standardized accost whoever writes these policies.

The average cost for flood insurance in Arizona, (AZ) with the maximum set limits in these Low-risk flood zone areas is $667 – $900 per year.  


If for the property is in higher-risk flood zone usually identified with a Flood zone AE. Your lender will require you to have flood insurance.

The cost of flood insurance in Arizona depends on many factors that are unique to the structure.

We are going to try to give you an idea for the most common homes we see in Arizona with a slab on grade foundation.

We will look at the cost of flood insurance for the NFIP maximum $250,000 for the (building only) with NO CONTENTS and our recommended deductible of $5,000.

We will be rating all this example on the NFIP as well as on a few of our Lloyds options.

Cost of Flood Insurance in Arizona in high-risk flood zone AE

Our example is in Scottsdale, AZ but the premiums will be the same if in Phoenix, Maricopa, Tucson, Willcox, Flagstaff, Sedona, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, Masa, Nogales, Prescott and many other Arizona’s Cities and Counties A flood zones.

In our example, the Base Flood Elevation (BFE is 1269.8) and is a home that is built in 1959

Flood insurance companies in Arizona

NFIP option in Arizona Flood Zone AE

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Arizona NFIP Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $2,022.00

This option is what we see if the property has had a flood loss before, and either doesn’t have an Elevation Certificate applied or the Elevation certificate showing that the lowest floor is 4 feet under the BFE and often times in an unnumbered A flood zone. You can use 10% of your coverage to cover other structures on your property

Arizona  Private flood insurance – Lloyds of London Flood Insurance (option 1)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Arizona Lloyds of London (option 1)  Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $851.40

This option is great and we are very happy when we can get this option. They can be a bit choosy about what risk they will accept, and will not take anything that has had a flood loss. They do offer coverage for basements. And about $2,000 for loss of use. $2,000 for other structures can’t increase this coverage. They do not require an Elevation Certificate to rate.

Arizona Private flood insurance – Lloyds of London Flood Insurance (option 2)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Arizona Lloyds of London (option 2)  Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $1,109.40

This option is great and we are very happy when we can get this option for our clients as well. They seem to be writing almost all risks, however, they do not write any property that is in a designated floodway or has the depth of -4 under the BFE in our example with our BFE being 1269 if the lowest floor is 1265 then they will not accept this risk, they will not take anything that has had a flood loss. They do offer limited coverage for basements. Do not require an Elevation Certificate to rate. And as a percentage of coverage for loss of use. If you want coverage for other struAZures than that will need to be added.

Arizona Private Flood insurance option (option 3)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Arizona Private flood insurance (option 3) Not Lloyds, Alternative to NFIP

Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $2,196.54

This option will take properties that have had one flood loss before as long as it has been more than five years and the payout was under $100,000 on the claim. Their coverage matches the NFIP.  Will write practically all risks, don’t need an elevation certificate to rate and are a bit lower in premium than the NFIP.

Private Flood insurance –  Lloyds of London (option 4)

This option has to be written on the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of the building otherwise there is a co-insurance penalty that kicks in. So $250,000 might be a bit low in Arizona but to keep this going let’s just use that for this option

Coverage of $250,000 (RCV) building coverage, 20% Contents coverage standard, 10% other struAZures and 10% loss of use and $5,000 deductible

Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $5,184.00 (great price)

This options rating system is all over the board sometime we get a crazy great price other times the premium is way higher than the NFIP will consider taking a property that has had one flood loss before as long as it has been more than ten years and the payout was under $150,000 on the claim. Their coverage must be at Replacement cost which is a bit different from some of our other Lloyd’s flood options we usually reserve this one if the property doesn’t fit into any of our option above. We can adjust coverages to control premium. AS mentioned before this underwriters rates are all over the board it is worth shopping through to make sure we are getting you the best premium we can. They don’t need an elevation certificate to rate.

How much does Flood Insurance in Arizona?

Currently, the state of Arizona has had 31,210 NFIP policies in force to date with the total cost of $20,785,412 that would make the average for our state $667 of course, some will pay more and some will pay less.

Cochise County, AZ you have 565 flood policies and are paying the total of $432,856 to the federal government for your flood insurance and this makes your average cost $766. If you are paying more it might be a good idea to let us shop for a new policy.

City of Willcox AZ your average is $651 with 287 policies and paying the total of $186,566

Coconino County, AZ  has 377 NFIP policies and are paying $245,363 making your average $650.

Flood insurance Flagstaff Arizona, you are paying the average of $1160 for flood coverage through the NFIP. I think you might do better on the private flood insurance market. Let us flood nerds help you out. 1-866-990-7482. You have 407 flood policies and paying collectively $472,260.

Sedona, AZ you have 184 flood policies and are paying the total of $235,360 making your average flood policy $1,274. It seems that the New Age shops, Spas and Art Galleries might be distracting you from finding a better premium for your flood insurance thats ok we can do the shopping while you are at the spa.

Gila County, AZ you have the 253 FEMA flood policies and are paying the grand total $333,637 with the average flood policy of $1,318. Try us out for a free quote www.betterflood.com/quote

Graham County, AZ you have 178 National flood insurance program policies are paying the total of $123,222 to the federal program making the average policy $692.

La Paz County, AZ you have 253 flood policies and is paying the total of $156,436 to FEMA making your average flood policy $618. If you are paying more than this it might be time to shop.

Chandler, AZ $618 is the average flood policy for this are If you aren’t paying this amount or if your NFIP premium jumps way up (+25% is forecasted in the near future) it might be a good idea to keep your options open and let the flood nerds shop. You have 253 flood policies and are paying  a total of $156,436

Gilbert, Glendale & Goodyear AZ. Combined you have 887 flood policies and are paying $531,315. Bringing your average to $600.

Flood insurance Maricopa County AZ. With combined flood policies of 2,771 and paying a total of $1,353,187. The average cost of flood insurance in this area is $500. Your area is fast growing and according to this article at the greatest risk for flooding in the future. (https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/sea-level-rise-to-send-climate-migrants-to-phoenix-9261664)

Mesa, Paradise Valley, and Peoria, AZ your average flood policy is around $510 with 863 combined flood policies with NFIP and paying the total of $439,979.

Flood insurance Phoenix, AZ with 4,510 active flood insurance policies and paying $3,450,659 total for the NFIP coverage. The average policy is $765. If you are not seeing better than this price then let us see what we can do for you. We guarantee to shop the policy to all validate options within your region so you get a fair picture of what flood insurance should cost in your area.  

Flood insurance Scottsdale AZ you have 7,926 flood policies and are paying about that much in premium $3,828,644. Your average is about $483. If you are paying more than this it would be a good idea to let us shop to see if we can get you a better premium.  

Surprise & Tempe AZ -Your flood insurance average is $544.88. With 393 NFIP flood policies and paying a total of $214,138.

Bullhead City AZ, you have 381 flood policies and are paying the total of $176,957 to the federal government. You have one of the best rates for flood insurance in Arizona  and in Maricopa County your average being $464.

Mohave County AZ you have 554 flood policies and are paying $270,174. The average AZ flood insurance policy for this area is $487.

Winslow, Marana and Oro Valley, AZ combined you also have 713 flood policies and are paying $528,951. With the average flood insurance policy being $742 if you want to see if we can save you money and I think we can start by filling out our intake form to get us shopping.

Pima County Arizona Flood insurance policies average flood policy in this area is $748. With 2,100 flood policies and paying $1,571,424 to the federal program.

Flood Insurance Tucson AZ you have 1,444 NFIP policies and paying the grand total of $1,189,746 to bring your average to $823

City of Maricopa and Pinal County, AZ combined you get 844 flood policies and are paying the total of $475,364 to bring your average to $638.

Nogales AZ you have 222 flood policies with the average flood insurance cost being $1,842 and the total payment $409,074. Lets shop for a better premium.

Santa Cruz County and Camp Verde AZ combined you have 588 flood policies, $499,884 is what you are shipping to DC in the form of flood premiums bringing your average to $850.

Flood Insurance Prescott AZ. You have 575 active flood policies and are paying the total of $360,182 making the average flood insurance cost $935

Flood Insurance in Yavapai County Arizona you 997 flood policies and are paying the total of $710,763. This would make your average $712. If you aren’t seeing this premium lets see what we can do about it.

Yuma County and Ymma City, Arizona. Your average flood insurance cost is $917. With 523 flood policies and paying the NFIP the total of $488,252

Arizona Flood Insurance Policies

Currently, there are more than 35,000 flood insurance policies in force in the State of Arizona considering both Private and government programs. This figure has steadily increased over the years as new homes are being built as populations grow. With the south central regoin of Arizona being a magnet for most of the severe weather.

Arizona families and business owners need to purchasing flood insurance to help safeguard their homes and assets.

The NFIP has made flood insurance available to more than twenty thousand communities in the United States. Arizona has a growing Private flood insurance market. Although federal assistance is still a vital part of disaster recovery, it is much better to have flood insurance rather than wishing or hoping that the government will bail you out.  

For decades, the NFIP has over-charged 50 percent of its policyholders and under-charged the other 50 percent, while it has racked up $42 billion in taxpayer-funded losses, equating to more than half of every claim paid by the NFIP since 1978.

About 30 percent of NFIP claims payments go to the same 3 percent of insured “repetitive loss” structures year after year. When you do the math, this means that the other 97 percent of their flood-exposed constituents could have paid in less and still netted larger claims payouts if they had better access to private flood insurance. In fact, a recent white paper by Milliman found that 90 percent of homes in Sandy-struck New York and New Jersey would see reduced flood insurance rates through private insurers.

Flood Insurance Calculator

Private flood insurance calculator

Private Flood Insurance vs NFIP

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Robert Murphy is the Founder of Better Flood Insurance a nationwide Flood Insurance Agency. He is a flood nerd, is passionate about education around the need for Flood Insurance.
We shop all options to make sure we are getting our clients the best coverage at the best price.

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Robert Murphy is the Founder of Better Flood Insurance a nationwide Flood Insurance Agency. He is a flood nerd, is passionate about education around the need for Flood Insurance.
We shop all options to make sure we are getting our clients the best coverage at the best price.


the following documents contain additional hydrologic data, flood photos, historic flood descriptions, floodplain delineations, and other pertinent information, and should be considered supplemental to this flood warning plan: