Level up as the ultimate hero on your block.

Not only did you score big savings on your flood insurance, but you can also help your neighbors do the same. 

And guess what? We’ve got incredible prizes waiting for you if you do! 

For every qualified referral*; friend, enemy, neighbor, or family you refer our way, we’ll hook you up with a snazzy $15 giftogram which is a digital gift card. 

The best part? You get to choose where you want to spend it from a bunch of today’s hottest brands.

You can splurge with increments of $15, refer more, and save up for a bigger card to your favorite brands. It’s up to you. 

Here’s the cherry on top: For every qualified referral, your name goes into our monthly drawing for a chance to win a $50 digital gift card. 

Talk about upping your odds! 

Not only will you be the talk of the neighborhood, but your neighbors will also thank you for saving them some serious cash on their flood insurance. 

We’re the Flood Nerds, and making life more enjoyable while saving money is our game. 

So why wait? Start spreading the word and start winning today!


For eligibility, a referral is a qualified prospect who will give us all the necessary information to create a quote and who has a currently-existing flood insurance policy or needs one for a new home or map change. The person referred does not have to become our client for you to get the $15 giftogram and be entered in the monthly drawing.

​​There is no limit on the number of referrals you may make. You earn a chance in our prize drawings each time you provide a qualified referral, and there is no limit on the number of chances you may create for yourself.

The odds of winning the $50 monthly prize during the drawing depend entirely on the number of chances created during the referral program period.

The referral program is open to any client or center of influence age 18 and over who refers at least one eligible prospect to our agency.

Here is an easy referral idea:

Give us a recommendation on Nextdoor.com, take a screen capture of it and email it to us at robert@betterflood.com we’ll send you a $15 giftogram gift card and a super fun surprise!

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