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If you need flood insurance or have recently heard the term flood zone AE and wondering what it means and how to save money on off insurance, you need a flood expert – you need a Flood Nerd™.

Flood Nerds Explain the different flood zone AE.I’m Robert Murphy, and with my other Flood Nerds, I can save you money on flood insurance. I may look like a mild-mannered insurance salesman, but I head up a secret underground group of people specializing in flood insurance – The Flood Nerds.

Well, okay maybe we aren’t so underground since you found me here on the open web. But we know flood insurance. Do You?

You might be asking yourself what does flood zone AE mean?
How much will flood insurance cost in flood zone AE?

You’ve Got Questions –

The Flood Nerds Have Answers About Flood Insurance for Flood Zone AE

If you need flood zone AE flood insurance or you want to know how to save money on flood zone AE insurance, you’re in the right place.

The Flood Nerds at Better Flood Insurance know everything about flood zone AE, including how to reduce your premiums. And this is where we share what we know.

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Flood zone AE meaning
How much is flood insurance in zone AE?
Private flood insurance zone AE
Sometimes the FEMA flood zone AE policy makes sense
Building in an AE flood zone
Factors affecting zone AE flood insurance & Is flood zone AE Bad
Buying a house in flood zone AE
Where do I find the FEMA flood map zone AE

Flood Nerds save money for Washington homeWhat is flood zone AE?

When the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was started by the government back in 1973, the Army Corps of Engineers was charged with creating flood zones for the US. They created these general flood zones:

  • Flood zone X (low to moderate risk of flooding) Also represented as flood zone X-500, flood zone C, or flood zone B.

  • Flood zone AE (high-risk flood zone) The practical meaning of flood zone AE is your mortgage lender is required by federal law to force you to buy a flood insurance policy. Flood zone is also called the 100-year flood zone or special flood hazard area. This high-risk zone is also labeled flood zone A, flood zone A1 – 30, AH flood zone, or AO flood zone.

  • Flood zone VE (high-risk flood zone) Like flood zone AE, the VE flood zone means your lender is required by federal law to force you to purchase a flood insurance policy to qualify for a loan. The VE zone is called the coastal high-risk flood zone. It’s found where property is by a large body of water and can even include Great Lakes areas on rare instances. The V stands for velocity or wave action. It’s also called the V, VE, or V1-31 flood zone.

  • Confused? Maybe this flood zone chart will help

    Flood zone ae insurance

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FEMA Flood Zone AE 

FEMA flood zone AE has been mapped is all over the US. If you want to find out if a property is in flood zone AE or any other flood zone, use this flood zone map link.

Just type in the address and the map will show your flood zone. Sounds like too much work? Then give your address to a Flood Nerd and we’ll get the flood determination for free.

Get a Free Flood Determination and Quote for Cheap Flood Insurance Now

California AE flood zone save money

How much is flood insurance in zone AE?

Some homes have a higher risk of flooding than others. A house right by a river or surrounded by water can be in an AE flood zone. 

Properties close to the ocean are more likely to flood when mother nature decides to pound an area with rain. 

But a house located in a low-lying area far away from the ocean or a river can be in a flood zone AE too.

If you have a mortgage, the lender requires you to buy flood insurance if the house is in flood zone AE. 

Buying a house in flood zone AE means buying insurance. Most people just buy insurance through the NFIP. Most people pay too much money for flood insurance.

Don’t be most people.

Let a Flood Nerd shop the private flood insurance market and then compare the cost and coverage to the NFIP policy. We save most people the most money possible.

The Flood Nerds only sell flood insurance. Don’t ask us to find insurance for your motorhome or motorcycle. 

The best way to hold down flood zone AE insurance cost is to have a Flood Nerd shop coverage for you.

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Factors Affecting zone AE flood insurance and Is AE flood zone bad?

Several factors go into calculating the cost of zone AE flood insurance.These include:

  • the foundation in relation to the current base flood elevation 

  • the construction type

  • how much coverage you want/are required to buy

  • the amount of the deductible

  • qualification for private flood insurance market

  • presence of an NFIP grandfather policy. 

Complicated right?

The best way to get the lowest cost for flood insurance in flood zone AE is to get a flood expert to shop for you. 

The Flood Nerds shop all options to get you the best coverage at the best price.

Is flood zone AE Bad?

People want to know if their home is in a flood zone and whether or not they need flood insurance.

It’s hard to know what to do when you’re faced with a natural disaster like a flood. Do you evacuate? What if your home is in a flood zone AE? How much will it cost you to insure your property against flooding?

Flood Insurance can be essential when it comes to protecting your home investments. But often, it isn’t very clear to know if you need it or not.

We know you’re probably wondering — is flood zone AE bad? The answer isn’t as straightforward, which is why our Flood Nerds are here to help.

Flood insurance can offer both peace of mind and it is possible to save money too. With its coverage, you can be sure any damage resulting from floods is covered — in fact, this can keep you from financial ruin since many claims are north of $80,000.

Better Flood Insurance is the solution for you. We are experts in flood insurance and will work with you to find a great policy at a great price. We shop many options and compare them to the NFIP to ensure you are getting the cheapest flood insurance without compromising coverage.

Keep your financial future safe – turn to Flood Nerd for a smarter way to get the precise coverage you need.

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Types of Flood Zone AE Insurance 

The flood zone determination and the flood zone significantly affects the cost of flood zone AE rates. 

I’ve seen flood zone AE insurance premiums with a cost of over $5,000. Luckily they find us and we help them drastically reduce their cost.

The Flood Nerds shop all options so we can get a more reasonable premium. Flood Nerds always get a great price for flood insurance. 

Get a Free Quote for Flood Insurance From a Flood Nerd

There are two types of flood insurance you can get.

NFIP or FEMA Flood Insurance Policy

For years the only flood insurance you could buy was from the federal government. These policies are called NFIP or FEMA flood policies. They are based on the flood zone AE map (or whatever zone your property is in) and don’t take into account things like the structure or actual risk. The government subsidies some policies and overcharges for others. No one pays the right amount and way too many people overpay for flood zone AE insurance through this program. The new FEMA Rating 2.0 is trying to correct this but they still are missing the mark for most people. 

Private Flood Insurance

Luckily for property owners in flood zone AE, the government no longer has a monopoly on the flood insurance market. Monopoly may be a fun game to play with family and friends but it’s an awful way to offer any insurance. Especially when the money is real!

The private flood insurance market is a much better alternative for flood zone AE insurance. 

There are over 40 private flood insurance companies and they often offer broader coverage and a much better cost than government flood insurance. But shopping 40 companies is time consuming and hard work. The kind of tedious stuff you dread is the kind of stuff that gets a real Flood Nerd excited.

Get a Flood Nerd to shop the Private Flood Insurance Market for Free

The Flood Nerds at Better Flood Insurance know private flood insurance.

We shop many private insurance including Lloyds of London Flood insurance. Often saving 20-50% off the NFiP policy. 

The private flood insurance market uses the most advanced technology like LIDAR flood maps and computer-generated risk models to assess the real risk of flooding. In addition to where a property is located, private insurers look at:

  • The type of foundation

  • The type of structure 

  • The square footage

  • The replacement cost to rebuild the home. 

  • Prior flood losses (in most cases, property with a prior flood loss will be declined) 

This rating methodology is much better than the out-of-date flood zone map approach the government uses. So private insurers can deliver a lower rate while offering higher coverage limits and a broader policy. Some private flood underwriters even offer “pool clean out” or “loss of use.”

Get a Flood Nerd to Shop Private Insurance For You

Sometimes the FEMA Flood Zone AE Policy Makes Sense

Flood Nerds shop the private market and then compare it to the NFIP policy. And when it comes to the NFIP policy, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

For example, if we can provide an Elevation Certificate showing that the lowest floor is either at or above the base flood elevation as outlined to the flood zone determination we can reduce the cost of NFIP insurance.  

Or maybe we find a historical map that shows that the home was built in flood compliance at the time of construction. These are homes that were built after the NFIP was created so typically after 1973. Down goes the premium!

If we discover that the home was recently moved into the AE flood zone, the NFIP sometimes will heavily subsidize the cost of the flood insurance if you buy a policy within a calendar year of the new map. Talk about the premium going way down!

Get a Flood Nerd to Compare NFIP Premiums to Private Insurance for Free

Buying a House in a Flood Zone AE?

If you are buying a house in a flood zone, the Flood Nerds may be able to save you even more money. 

If the seller has that “new map” rate, we can transfer their subsidy to you and save you money.  

A Flood Nerd is a flood insurance expert.

Get the seller’s flood insurance declaration page in their hands and they will determine if the property is grandfathered for newly mapped. 

If so, the Flood Nerd can lift the subsidized policy over to you when purchasing the home or business. This Flood Nerd ninja move is called grandfathering for continuous coverage. 

If the seller has an Elevation Certificate, a Flood Nerd can capitalize on that to lower your new flood insurance cost.

And your closing will never be delayed for lack of flood coverage.

Flood Nerds move like cheetahs to get you covered fast.

Get a Flood Insurance Quote for a House You Are Purchasing

Building in an AE Flood Zone

If you are building a home in flood zone AE, work with the floodplain manager for your area to ensure you build to flood compliance. 

You will need to get an Elevation Certificate based on the proposed building structure and drawings. Then once the home is completed, you will need a finished construction Elevation Certificate. 

We recommend that you negotiate the cost of both certificates upfront. When you use the same engineer for the Course of Construction Elevation Certificate as the Finished Construction Elevation Certificate you should be able to save some money. 

You can do a search for these engineers locally or check out this  great resource.

Flood Zone AE Florida

Florida flood insurance is required for about 1.7 million properties at last count. There are many private flood insurance options for Florida property owners. The average flood insurance cost for Florida is $550. Are you paying more? Let a Flood Nerd shop for Florida flood insurance.

Flood Zone AE New Jersey

Sandy caused incredible flooding in New Jersey. It’s not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when” it will happen again. New Jersey has about 225,000 active flood insurance policies. Most New Jersey flood insurance policies are for the AE flood zone. A few are in the VE flood zone. The average cost of flood insurance in the NJ AE flood zone is $961. Why not see if a Flood Nerd can reduce your cost of flood insurance in New Jersey.

Flood Zone AE New York

Sandy clearly showed the damage a hurricane can do when it hits a populated area. New York has 178,000 active flood insurance policies, many of which are in the high-risk flood zones. 

The average flood insurance policy in the AE flood zone NY is about $1,155. If you are paying more, let a Flood Nerd do the shopping.

Flood zone AE Hawaii

Oddly for an island state, Hawaii is mostly in flood zone AE. Some coastal areas are in flood zone VE. There are ways to save money on flood zone AE insurance in Hawaii. There are 61,000 active Hawaii flood insurance policies with an average premium of $673.

Want to pay less for flood insurance in Hawaii? Let a Flood Nerd shop for you. Even a Hawaii VE flood zone, we can find something better.

Flood Zone AE in Louisiana

Louisiana flood zone AE accounts for most of the 500,000 flood insurance policies in the state. There are a few flood insurance policies that are in the Louisiana VE flood zone. The average cost for Louisiana flood insurance is $656.

Help Me Reduce My Flood Insurance Cost in Louisiana

North Carolina Flood Zone AE

North Carolina flood zone AE was hit hard in 2019, and today they are still cleaning up and rebuilding. With 135,000 active flood insurance policies, the dump from Hurricane Dorian cost about $24 billion. Unfortunately, most of the losses were in a North Carolina low-risk flood zone. This just goes to show that it can flood anywhere, even in a North Carolina flood zone X. Don’t be surprised to find FEMA placing more properties in NC flood zone AE.

Where do I find the FEMA flood map zone AE

This is the best place we have discovered for you to start when looking at a property. You can put in your address, and the map will show up if your structure is in a light blue color that is considered flood zone AE. Note, sometimes the maps are not digitized, and if this is the case, just reach out to me, and I will pull for you a Flood zone determination. 

AE Flood Map link here

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