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  • Residential Structure UP TO $250,000/ Commercial Structure UP TO $500,00. Other options available upon request after initial quote.
  • ONLY Available for Primary or Secondary RESIDENTIAL Structures.
  • $5,000 is the recommended deductible for optimum premiums. Other deductible options available upon request after initial quote.
  • In what Flood Zone is the structure located? If you don't know, that's OK! AE will be the default flood zone as most structures requiring flood insurance are in this zone. Zone will be confirmed through further research.
  • Has the structure ever suffered damage from external flooding conditions (i.e. water seeped in from rain, through window well, river backed up, etc.)? If YES Please give amount of payout in notes.
  • Is this structure under course of construction as a new building; never lived in before?
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When it comes to protecting your property, financial future or the assets that you have. Flood insurance is often the last consideration if it is considered at all. 

Stylistically speaking however if floodwaters touch your home or property it will likely be the largest damage costing you anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000. Do you have that kind of money set aside to pay for flood devastation?

Upon reviewing your homeowner or property insurance policy you will see that flooding is excluded from the coverage that you are paying for. Why is that? Well the answer is simple the insurance companies know that you have a .01% chance of ever filing a significant claim with them; a .01% chance that your home or property will burn down or even have a fire over the time you own it. 

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The catch is they know (because of historical studies) that you have a 20% chance of ever flooding so they decided to not cover this, they won’t even bring it up because they don’t have an option for you. don’t be like the 100,000 properties that didn’t have coverage last year and were damaged by floodwater. 

Flood insurance quote nationwide can be as little as $1.50 a day saving you $69,000 in damage that your property will sustain when mother nature opens her wrath in your area. 

Our weather patterns are changing across the nation, places that have not historically see flooding is now experiencing how devastating and violating water in your home can be. 

And the areas that are considered high risk are seeing, increasing frequency of flooding events. 

PROTECT your Home get a flood insurance quote.

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Call 1-866-990-7482 or fill out our intake form to get your free flood insurance quote.

There is no obligation to buy and you will know how to protect your investments.

We love water, we are drawn to it. Water is great as long as it stays outside of your property. This is why you must have flood insurance coverage.

Historically the most common way to get a flood insurance quote was to go through the National flood insurance program, which is a government-run plan that has had a monopoly on flood insurance for over 50 years. Due to the fact that all of our big brand insurance companies simply will not cover flooding in 1973 congress and President Nixon created the government program.

Now you can buy flood insurance though, Allstate flood insurance, progressive flood insurance, state farm flood insurance, farmers flood insurance, Hartford flood insurance, Geico flood insurance, nationwide flood insurance, usaa flood insurance. If you were to reach out to one of these companies for a flood insurance quote they would be just quoting the government policy. They are nothing but resellers of the government policy you can imagine the kickbacks they could get. 

Since 2012 there has been a shakeup in the flood insurance market with the introduction of private flood insurance quote. This happened because the 2012 congress and president Obama needed to address a few issues that the government-run program had facing it most significantly the multi-billions (with a B) dollars dept the program had insured. Another significate issue was that property owers were geting flood insurance renewal quotes that were doubling even tripling causing homes to be lost due to the inability of homeowners ability to pay these unfair rates. 

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What does flood insurance policy cover and how can you get a flood insurance quote? 

The policy will cover damage to your home or structure including the foundation, electrical and plumbing. This included water heater, air conditioners and furnaces.

If you purchased coverage for contents then you would have coverage for your damage belonging, such as clothing, electronics, appliances and furniture. (there are limitations on the location of these properties and you will need to review your policy or discuss with your flood insurance expert) 

The policy does not cover

Injuries caused by a flooding event. Damage to property that is stored outdoors, as well as fences, patios, and pools. (some private flood policies offer coverage for these discuss with your flood insurance expert to see if you can cover these if you desire) 

Damage to your vehicles, (Ironically most auto policies cover flooding check yours to see if it does).

Most policies have very limited coverages for anything in the basement including belongings stored in the basement. 

Most flood insurance quote limits for homes are for $250,000 for the building and $100,000 for your contents. You can, however, request an excess flood insurance quote to cover your property fully. Some private flood insurance policies can give you quotes for higher coverage as well again talk to your flood insurance expert. 

Flood insurance quote limits for commercial properties is 500,000 for your structure and $500,000 for your content. Again check with your flood insurance expert to discuss the right coverage for you. Some private flood policies offer loss of use and lost income. Really cool coverage options. Let us know if you want a flood insurance quote for your property. 

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Things that will affect your Flood insurance quotes.

  • Age of the home

  • The type of foundation
  • Number of floors
  • The type of construction
  • The type of occupancy
  • Coverage limits and deductibles you choose for your flood quote

Better flood insurance quotes will be exhaustive we shop all flood insurance options and get many flood insurance quotes to make sure you are getting the best price for your area. 

The key is to get your flood insurance in place before you see the pending flooding. Many of us (myself included don’t think about flooding until it is usually happening).

WE often get flood insurance quotes request when there is flooding happening in a area. Homeowners and property owners get scared and rightly so when they have heard of the forecasted flooding or they see their neighbors flooding. Unfortunately this is too late to get flood insurance quotes and coverage. Many of our private flood markets simply won’t allow us to get a quote they shut down the market temperley until the flooding event has passed. And the government policy will allow you to buy a policy but it will not be active for 30 days. By that time your property might have been damaged. 

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Please let us get you flood insurance quote and policy in effect prior to your loss.