1. Doilogue with a client in regards to Needing flood insurance

    Below is a Dialogue I had with a client about flood insurance it seems that there is a common belief that our properties will never flood so we don't need flood insurance. I hear this day in and day out. And I hope to educate. -- Flood Nerd----- Doug I am so excited I like getting clients on this option when they fit.  We are pre-approved for the premier option COVERAGE OF $250,000 building wit…Read More

  2. Lloyds of London flood Insurance in

    Lloyds of london Flood Insurance

    What is Lloyds of London Flood Insurance? Who is Lloyds of London? What is private flood insurance? Isn't State Farm flood insurance, Progressive flood insurance, Farmers flood insurance private flood? Is Lloyds of London Flood insurance expensive? How do I get a Lloyds of London Flood insurance policy? Do I need Flood Insurance? What is the difference between NFIP and the private flood market? Wh…Read More