Hey, Robert, I am trying to get a BFE for my property, we spoke about it before can you tell me what my BFE is?

Hi Dewitt thanks for reaching out sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect.

My colleague Claudia told me you were looking to get the BFE for the property you have in Arvada. if you are looking at other properties they might have slightly different levels.

11025 W 68TH AVE ARVADA, CO 80004-0004
BFE: 5412

Attached is the Flood Zone determination. Are you considering pursuing a LOMA or are you looking elevate the building. Anything I can help on?


Hi Robert, sorry I missed your call.  I am trying to figure out how to find base flood elevations for all the houses in Arvada that are in the floodway.  Is that possible?

Are you good at reading maps?

Go to this site.
Put in your address to bring you into the area.
11025 W 68TH AVE ARVADA, CO 80004-0004
The diagonal multicolored lines are the Floodway the light blue is the flood zone.  there are BFE’s numbers on the map that goes across this could give you a better idea.
If you are really looking to GEEK out you can click on this will let you look at the official maps and historical maps for the whole area.
Image of the maps pictured below. Heres the link again. https://msc.fema.gov/portal/search#searchresultsanchor

thank you very much I’ll try it out!

Have fun!!

Sorry to bug you again – what does 5412 mean.  I see 5408 on the map near my property?

Hi, Dewitt no bother, I really think this stuff is cool so I love to chat about it.
The FZD (Flood Zone Determination)  is an official document that is unique for each property – that’s the pdf of what is attached.
On the map in the link, you see you see 5408  that as you mentioned is buy your home. It is just a marker.
On your flood zone determination, the number 5412 which is the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) for your home and is how high the core of engineers believe the flood waters will come if the area floods.
The only way to figure out where your property your properties true elevation is to have a FEMA approved surveyor come out and do what is called an Elevation Certificate.
Ideally, you want to have your home sitting higher than the BFE and this would be the lowest level or the Lowest Agacent grade (LAG).
Call me tomorrow if you want to discuss whether or not an elevation certificate would be right for you. 1-866-990-7482

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